Are your customers avid travelers? Do you have retail space in airports, train stations or other hubs for people on the move? Trtl has now opened up it's revolutionary travel product range to selected retail partners globally. If you would like to stock the Trtl product range in your stores please get in touch using the contact form below. We look forward to working with you!

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Trtl has grown immensely since launching our Trtl Pillow Original in 2013. We have sold over 1 million of our scientifically proven travel pillow and over 10,000 customers have reviewed the Trtl Pillow on Amazon, making it the most reviewed travel pillow available. 

Since then we launched our Trtl Pillow Plus that was fully funded on Kickstarter within 6 hours. It’s the first fully height adjustable travel pillow scientifically engineered to provide premium comfort. Our next aim in providing comfort for traveling families was by introducing a pillow for the kids - the Trtl Pillow Junior! Worn like a scarf, the Trtl Pillow Junior ensures your kids get the best possible rest they can so that YOU can get the rest you need for your adventures ahead.

Not only do we have our entire Trtl Pillow range, we have created quality products to help further maximise comfort and organization for those on the go! Our Trtl Flight Socks can help your legs do a happy dance by reducing swelling and promoting circulation in your lower legs with gentle compression. Our Packing Pods are perfect for those who have a passion for organization on their travels. They save crucial packing space by encouraging rolling (not folding), they fit in any bag and can be hung from practically anywhere as a mobile wardrobe. The icing on the Trtl cake is our newest launch - the Trtl Wrap. If you’re on a long haul flight, we’ve got you covered! The Trtl wrap covers you from head to toe, securing comfortably around your neck and keeps your feet warm in its height adjustable pouch. It also features an inner pocket to keep your hands snug and and outer zip to keep your travel essentials close! It also comes with a 3 in one compression bag to hold your new blanket, packs it down to an easy to carry size, and provides lumbar support in those uncomfortable plane seats.